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General statement for file prep will go here. For best results, follow these guidelines.

All photos, text and vector graphics in your artwork must be set up in CMYK and/or Pantone for spot color. Choose spot colors from our list of stock colors below, custom matched Pantone colors requires an additional set-up fee of $50 - call or e-mail for details.
  • Process Cyan
  • Process Magenta
  • Process Yellow
  • Process Black
  • PMS 485 Red
  • PMS 021 Orange
  • PMS 348 Green
  • Reflex Blue
  • Process Blue
  • Pantone Violet
  • Pantone Purple
  • PMS 469 Brown
  • PMS 202 Maroon
  • PMS 871 Gold
  • PMS 877 Silver
  • Opaque White (for clear or metallic material)
Note: Because of the lamination film, Metallic Gold and Silver ink may not appear identical to the Pantone Solid Coated book.